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Live-in Care Services

Home Care Preferred has been providing quality live-in care for people since 2012. During this time we have the pleasure of seeing clients remaining happily in their own homes.

There are very few occasions when live-in care is not a viable alternative to moving to a residential care or nursing home.  

Benefits of Live In Care

Live-in care is when a trained carer stays in a person’s home and helps them to lead the best life possible.

A carefully matched carer lives with the client. At agreed intervals they will take a holiday, during this time a replacement carer will take over.

We do! We take care of breaks, holidays, the carers pay, national insurance & tax, training, reviews, and of course we deal with any issues that may arise.

Live-in care is ideal for people who want to remain in their own home, but who are finding some aspects difficult to manage. Clients are mainly older people, however we do support younger adults, for example, people with learning disabilities.

Each client has different requirements, but help can include meal preparation, shopping, housework, personal care, accompanying to social events, assisting with administration, companionship and much more.

We provide clients with profiles of carers who have the relevant experience and who we judge will be a good personality match. The client will of course meet the carer before deciding.

Our team come from a wide range of backgrounds. The common thread is that they are kind, compassionate, demonstrate empathy and have the necessary skills to provide appropriate levels of support to our clients.

We would make sure that we find a suitable replacement. It is very rare that the carer is not suitable, mainly due to good matching from the outset.

Our live-in care service is flexible. We can provide short term support from a minimum of one week. With permanent support we ask for just 14 days’ notice if services are no longer required.

Yes, there is a management team on call 24 hours a day in case of any emergency. We keep in regular touch with our client and carer, always ensuring everyone is satisfied.

Yes, however it is important that the carer gets good levels of sleep. We assess the levels of care needed when we carry out your assessment and a agree a support plan.

Typically, the carer cooks and eats with the client, however, there is flexibility around meals. If the carer requires expensive alternatives this would be at cost to themselves.

Absolutely! As a minimum, all our carers have training in first aid, medication administration, health & safety, infection prevention & control, manual handling, customer care, safeguarding, fluid and nutrition.

They require their own bedroom with some space for their personal belongings. If there is a TV and internet connection available that is appreciated but not essential.

Definitely not!  Part of our service is to encourage independence balanced with providing the help that is needed. Our carers recognise that the client may  want time by themselves or private intervals with family & friends.

In our experience there can be some anxiety at the start, however, in nearly all cases our clients soon enjoy having a person living with them. We have seen so many success stories.

Quite often live-in care is more affordable than a care home. Costs range depending on support levels, so please contact us for more information. It is particularly cost-effective for a couple who need live-in support.

There are various ways to fund. It can be through a combination of savings, investment income and pensions. If people do not have this option, they can consider equity release from their property. We can put you in touch with care fee planning experts for a free of charge initial consultation.

  • You can remain safely in the home that you love.
  • Those that care about you have total peace of mind.
  • If you are a couple you can stay together
  • Your life is not disrupted, you live life your way.
  • You maintain friendships and connections with the local community.
  • No need to dispose of treasured possessions.
  • Friends and family can visit as they always have.
  • Your support assistant will do the household chores you can no longer complete, but you can continue with things you are able to take care of.
  • Personal care can be provided when and if required
  • People who have dementia cope much better in familiar home surroundings.
  • Life typically improves, we usually see our clients and their support assistant having fun.
  • Call and speak to one of our friendly live-in care advisors who will be very happy to answer questions. T: 020 8004 1603
  • Email us or visit

What our customers say

“Excellent service, very reliable, caring. I received just the support I needed. The staff member was very kind and reassuring.”


“I have been delighted with the warmth and care I have received! Very, very good. Excellent value for money!”

John F

“I have found the carers to be extremely valuable during my time of recovery post-operation. They have also taken care of my husband who has dementia.”


“Home Care Preferred were very professional and easy to deal with. The carer was attentive and pleasant and did everything we asked her to do and more. Very easy people to communicate with using emails – as I live in Australia”

Jackie N

“In the 6 years of having working closely with at least 3 agencies, and 11 carers, this is the first time I have found cares who have been so spot on, loving, gentle, friendly, warm and genuine. They stick to the routine and my nana is happy as can be. They are consistent, on time, work well together and so very helpful and positive. So grateful and happy.”

Jacquine G

“Home Care Preferred were very professional and easy to deal with. The carer was attentive and pleasant and did everything we asked her to do and more. Very easy people to communicate with using emails – as I live in Australia.”

Jackie N

“This is my first experience of needing help at home. I have been very impressed by the standards of best practice employed by Home Care Preferred. By the intelligent and well informed standards of care. The willingness and ability to help in any way needed or requested. Also the meticulous attention to checks that the care given is accurate and of high quality. The courtesy of keeping client informed of any changes.”


“My parents are really delighted with the care and assistance that the carer provides to them. He always arrives promptly and my dad who is 91 is so grateful for help washing and dressing, it makes him much less tired and able to cope and enjoy his day. The carer is very kind, patient and aware of both my parent’s physical capacities. He is also excellent company and is just a pleasure. The carer organises my father’s medication, gives it to him, puts in his hearing aids, helps wash and dress him and gives him breakfast, He recognises my father’s need for engagement and they have good chats. I feel my parents are in the best and safest hands and that is all you can ask for.”

Jude D

We provide live-in care in London, Cornwall & Hertfordshire