A guide to being a live in carer in Devon

This is when a person lives with a client and assists them with their day-to-day needs. In exchange they receive accommodation, meals and wages.

The tasks are varied but can include: Preparing meals; Domestic help; Personal care; Shopping; Medication administration; Support getting out and about; Companionship & emotional support.

Typically our carers work 6-8 weeks and then take a holiday. However this can vary. We ensure that both our client and carer are happy with arrangements.

As a minimum our carers have a single bedroom with space for personal belongings. Often the carer has their own television and internet connection.

In most situations the client and carer eat together however this can vary. The client covers the cost of all reasonable food and drink shopping.

We do! We take care of breaks, holidays, the carers pay, national insurance & tax, training, reviews, and of course we deal with any issues that may arise.

We agree a support plan and average daily hours with each client and carer. We recognise the importance of our care team receiving appropriate breaks.

We ensure that carers have the right skill sets before introducing them to a potential client. In addition we match the personality of carer and client.

Always. Whenever possible we arrange a face-to-face introduction however we regularly use video calls when distance is an issue.

We regularly recruit people from overseas. Of course you must have the relevant permissions to work in England.

This usually only applies if you are providing short term services for the company and qualify for self-employed status.

This is not a requirement in most instances.

This depends on the level of support the carer provides with the client however it is a competitive rate. Live-in carers can earn and save a substantial amount due to the fact that they have no accommodation or food to pay for.

Our clients come from a wide range of backgrounds and their support needs vary greatly. It is rare that our carers do not become fond of the people they support. Most clients live in comfortable homes in good locations.

Yes, there is a management team on call 24 hours a day in case of any emergency. We keep in regular touch with our carer, always ensuring everyone is satisfied.

As a minimum, all our carers have training in first aid, medication administration, health & safety, infection prevention & control, manual handling, customer care, safeguarding, fluid and nutrition. Every team member also has induction training which includes customer service coaching.

  • Having a job that is highly rewarding.
  • Building a friendship with a client and their family
  • Being part of a company that values the work you carry out.
  • Potential for career progression.
  • Living in a new location and enjoying a different environment
  • Typically residing in a lovely home in a desirable area.
  • Financially rewarding with the opportunity to save money.
  • Holidays, tax and national insurance are all taken care of for you.
  • Having fun with the client you are supporting.
  • Call and speak to one of our friendly live-in care advisors who will be very happy to answer questions. T: 020 8004 1603
  • Email us info@homecarepreferred.com or visit homecarepreferred.com

What our team are saying

“Thank you, Nikki, for being so amenable in your approach and responsive the actions suggested by myself and Lucy” 


“The support from yourself and Steph has been outstanding thank you again”


“I forgot to say earlier but the way you helped the situation with B this morning really was amazing.  You know exactly what you are doing and im glad i have you for guidance in times like that” 


“Thank you so much!! I really appreciate it!!  I literally can’t fault you one bit.  Thank you so much You are a star!! thank you so so so much” 


“Thanks for the update - I feel very lucky to have such a caring manager”


“K called today after Steph had been to do an assessment. She says Steph was "Utterly wonderful" and explains how Steph communicated with the Personal Independence Payment assessor that was on the phone and K was feeling very frustrated. Steph also cleaned her oven! She was quite worried about having people in to assist her seeing as she is quite young, but Steph has demonstrated the fact that she needn't worry at all”

“Thank you to Steph for all her help, she acts like lightening whenever I call her”


“Just want to say to everyone, thank you, like really thank you!  I’ve had a fantastic first week.  You have ALL made me feel super comfortable and made me feel so relaxed into this role which quite frankly, I’ve been terrified to try for years”  


“A huge thank you to both Steph and Nikki for all you do for the clients and staff.  You guys are AMAZING”  


“Thank you for all your support, you are both amazing”


“To the most amazing manager and team leader ever.  You are both fantastic at your jobs, and I am so thrilled to have had the opportunity to work with you both.  Enjoy your treat, lots of love”


We provide live-in support throughout Devon and Cornwall. We provide visitng care to Newton Abbot, Dawlish and other areas of Devon.