Palliative Care in Devon

At Home Care Preferred Devon we understand that caring for a loved one with a terminal condition is a highly emotional time for the client and their loved ones. That is why it is essential that the appropriate medical and emotional support is in place to ensure the patient is as comfortable as possible right up until the final stages of life. We believe that tailored one-to-one palliative care should be administered in the familiar surroundings of one’s own home, allowing them to be surrounded by the people, and things, they love the most which is so important at this time.

Our Palliative Care and Support

Trained to provide professional, empathetic care and support for patients approaching the end of their life, our support assistants ensure promoting dignity and comfort is at the heart of everything they do. Together, we create a support plan that is tailored to your specific needs and preferences, and is responsive as these requirements change; we work in conjunction with a range of healthcare professionals including doctors, GPs and district nurses to make sure you receive the best care for your needs in the comfort of your own home. We appreciate that complex medical care can require the use of specialised equipment; we are there to guide you through your options such as feeding and breathing tubes, ensuring the appropriate adaptations are made to make sure you can continue to receive the care you need at home.

Our support assistants offer assistance ranging from help around the home to personal care. From meal preparation and household chores, to helping with more personal issues like washing, toileting and continence care – Home Care Preferred Devon are there to carry out all the practical care aspects with warmth and discretion, giving family and friends the opportunity to spend quality time with their loved one.

Our support assistants are also there to offer emotional support and companionship at this difficult time. They understand that while helping their clients with the medical aspects of palliative care, or aiding in practical duties such a shopping and laundry is important, so is reminiscing and chatting about shared interests in order to boost a patient’s morale. We are there to support the whole family and offer support, compassion and reassurance. This is why we strive to make sure you are matched with a support assistant who not only has the relevant skill set, but also has a complementary personality to ensure both the patient and their loved ones are put at ease.

Our Palliative care and support includes:

Letting a carer into the home of you or your loved one isn’t an easy decision. Understandably people have lots of questions and reservations about palliative care at home. Our friendly, highly experienced team members are always available to answer any questions you might have. We’re happy to talk you through each of the steps involved in the palliative care and support we offer, and offer compassionate, impartial advice when wanted.

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