We appreciate the apprehension people experience as they arrange support for their loved ones.  We therefore do our best to make the whole process easier for our clients and their families.

We are available to learn of your individual circumstances, to provide advice and support that is tailored to a solution that will be right for our client and give peace of mind to family and friends.

We are proud of the service that we provide and we get great pleasure seeing the positive difference our support makes in our clients lives.  In a recent survey 97% of our clients stated they were very happy with our service and would recommend us to other people.

We have received hundreds of complimentary letters, emails and cards and here follows a small selection.

“I have been looked after by the agency for 1 year and I have no complaints. The carers do their job and they are friendly. We have a good relationship. They have on occasions taken me to the hospital and made sure my family is informed. I enjoy my chats with my carers.”

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Herbert H

“My family would wholeheartedly recommend Home Care Preferred Barnet to anyone who is looking for care for a loved one. From our first meeting with the manager and her team over a year ago, we have been thoroughly impressed with their care, professionalism and pride in finding the right carer for our mum. As well as having a wonderful carer living with my mum at home, the behind the scenes support has been incredible and gone above and beyond for our family. As I say, we cannot recommend them highly enough!”

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Victoria S

“My neighbour is very pleased with this homecare provider. They are very professional, caring and reliable in providing more than just care for her. They are always willing to help and accommodate in times of urgent need. I would recommend Home Care Preferred Barnet.”

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Betty B

“We had a carer come to look after my mum during April 2020 to help her recover from Covid19. She was absolutely amazing with her and I’m sure, had it not been for her care, my mum would not have made such a good recovery. We were sad when she left but she continues to call my mum regularly, even now. I have also recommended her to my friend’s mother who has dementia and she is now helping her. A really lovely and kind person – I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her services – thank you.”

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Amanda S

“We have used Home Care Preferred Barnet since August 2019 following Dad’s discharge from hospital. In all that time we have found their service and attention exemplary. They were totally flexible in changing care plans to reflect Dad’s needs, ensuring the start of care was seamless with the two hospital discharges and covering all aspects of his care needs. Thank you to the manager and the rest of the team for making Dad’s home care as dignified and supportive as possible. Yes I would thoroughly recommend them. Thank you.”

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“Excellent service, very reliable, caring. I received just the support I needed. The staff member was very kind and reassuring.”

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“Carers were punctual, kind and polite. She coped well with unexpected problems and went out of her way to help me. I was very impressed.”

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“I have been delighted with the warmth and care I have received! Very, very good. Excellent value for money!”

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John F

“Home Care Preferred stepped into the breach at the end of May 2019. Dad had deteriorated and we were struggling to cope. They impressed us from day one and continue to maintain excellent high standards. Our Dad is not the easiest client – allowing anyone other than his children to make him a cup of tea was an ordeal, let alone administer personal care. Somehow, his carers have managed this and more. Even though the current stage of his Alzheimer’s is such that he can’t remember names or who has just paid him a visit (and that includes his children) he talks with fondness about the ‘ladies who make me tea’. We never thought it would be possible to have a carer look after dad knowing that he is being given the same compassion and care that we, his children, strive to give him. That is exceptional. We find the regular meetings with carers and management extremely helpful, particularly because Dad’s health, habits and cognitive functions fluctuate due to the nature of the disease. Home Care Preferred have had such a positive impact on our dad and on our own lives, and we are forever grateful to them.”

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“I would highly recommend Home Care Preferred Barnet. My husband and I are so glad that we did our research and found this great homecare provider. They are very professional, organised and provide more than just care for my mum-in-law.
They helped us with emergency cover that we needed quickly when my mum-in-law needed care earlier than anticipated. All of the carers are fantastic and my mum-in-law is really happy with the care they provide. She is always introduced to any new carers before they are handling her care on their own and looks forward to seeing them every day.
This is an excellent company, who are very caring as well as professional and reliable, I cannot recommend them enough. They are a fantastic team and everything is handled so well, alongside the client’s requirements.”

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Joan S

“The carers and management staff are very caring and supportive. They are never late. We are treated with dignity and respect.”

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“I have found the carers to be extremely valuable during my time of recovery post-operation. They have also taken care of my husband who has dementia.”

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“Home Care Preferred were very professional and easy to deal with. The carer was attentive and pleasant and did everything we asked her to do and more. Very easy people to communicate with using emails – as I live in Australia.”

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Jackie N

“In the 6 years of having working closely with at least 3 agencies, and 11 carers, this is the first time I have found cares who have been so spot on, loving, gentle, friendly, warm and genuine. They stick to the routine and my nana is happy as can be.
They are consistent, on time, work well together and so very helpful and positive.
So grateful and happy.”

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Jacquine G

“Excellent service from the outset. This is a perfect example of how to provide a care service. Despite the language barrier we thought might be an issue, this proved not to be the case and Mum was able to communicate her needs adequately with the girls. A professional and well organised team who kept us informed of any potential problem and even using their initiative to call the doctor out on one occasion when Mum complained of feeling unwell. Will not hesitate to use Home Care Preferred again should we need to.”

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Phedra T

“The carers are always punctual, very competent and professional.”

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Mr A

“We have had a live-in carer for my husband since December 2018. The care he has had has been excellent. He was falling up to three times a day but since we have had live in care he has not fallen once.
Home Care Preferred are not only very mindful of the needs of their client but also in our case my needs as it is very challenging initially having someone living in. They also took care to match our carer with us.
They are always available to discuss any issues and pay enormous attention to every aspect of the care programme. I highly recommend them. I cannot speak more highly of them and they have given me my life back.”

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Anne F

“Very satisfied. Excellent, reliable service. Caring is tactful, helpful and pleasant Thank you for a service. I would not hesitate to recommend.”

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“My parents are really delighted with the care and assistance that the carer provides to them. He always arrives promptly and my dad who is 91 is so grateful for help washing and dressing, it makes him much less tired and able to cope and enjoy his day. The carer is very kind, patient and aware of both my parent’s physical capacities. He is also excellent company and is just a pleasure. The carer organises my father’s medication, gives it to him, puts in his hearing aids, helps wash and dress him and gives him breakfast, He recognises my father’s need for engagement and they have good chats. I feel my parents are in the best and safest hands and that is all you can ask for.”

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Jude D

“I am so glad I found Home Care Preferred, the carer that we have had looking after my mum has really brought her back out of her shell in under a week. Nothing is too much and they do everything to a high standard. If I have any problems I send a message and it is dealt with almost immediately.”

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Vicky Z