How Live In Care Can Help Protect Your Loved Ones from COVID-19

May 19, 2020 8:42 am Published by

The sudden onset of the COVID-19 pandemic took the world by surprise and has since impacted the lives of everyone across the globe. In a bid to limit the spread, a large number of businesses, governmental organisations and independent institutions temporarily suspended their operations. While undeniably effective, these measures can do little to protect the most vulnerable portion of our population – the Elderly.

Under normal circumstances, the easily accessible and affordable care homes are often seen as the number one choice for elderly citizens. Currently, however, the times are anything but normal, especially with experts from all over the world advising against large gatherings of people.

Anyone with a diagnosed chronic medical condition, as well as healthy individuals over the age of seventy can develop severe complications as a result of contracting the virus. Coincidentally, it is that same group of people who also find themselves most in danger of coming in contact with it, due to living in care homes, data shows.

How Live in Care differs

Given the present circumstances, the professionals at all healthcare-related organisations are at high alert. Yet, despite taking all possible precautions, the death toll continues to increase. Due to the way care homes operate, if even one resident or employee comes in contact with the virus, the entire facility is placed at risk of contamination.

Live in care, on the other hand, can dramatically decrease the danger for your loved ones. Your average care home employee can be exposed to COVID-19 not just at work, but also at home, when they get in contact with their family members, and during their daily commute. Choosing the live in care approach takes all of these risks factors out of the equation, all the while providing a large number of benefits for the ageing.

The Benefits of Live in Care

Personalised care

A live in caretaker can focus entirely on one person. This allows them to custom-tailor the entire experience to the needs of your loved one and deliver a much higher quality of service.

Companionship and moral support

The time, spent together with your loved ones, allows live in caretakers to build a lasting bond, which provides the patient with a sense of companionship and peace of mind. Your relatives will always have someone to confide in and share their thoughts with.

Help with nutrition and dietary needs

With a live in caretaker, you will never have to worry about the dietary needs or preferences of your loved ones. Your relative can enjoy healthy, homemade meals, prepared precisely how they like them.

Simple domestic tasks and basic housekeeping

No more waiting for the cleaning staff to arrive. Spills, spots and messes can be immediately taken care of. Living in a clean and tidy environment has been proven to have a positive impact on both the physical and mental health of people of all ages.

Stress Management

The stressfulness of the entire situation is yet another critical factor that many fail to account for. Talk about the virus is everywhere – in the newspapers, on TV, and the Internet. No matter where we go or what we look at, we’re constantly reminded that the entire world is in a bind. This can create a ton of stress, especially for the elderly, who already have their plate full of worries about other illnesses and the burden of old age. Right now, removing someone from the familiar environment of the home that they’ve spent the better part of their life, won’t do them any favours.

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