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A message from Home Care Preferred’s founder on our 5th Birthday

January 9, 2017 4:06 pm Published by

Five years ago today I started Home Care Preferred and at the time we had only 3 people at the office and a few care staff.  We have grown to a company employing over a 100 people and serving the same amount of clients.  The success of the business is due largely to the dedication of the team and the high levels of support our team members provide to our clients.  I am proud of our team and thank them for all their hard work and loyalty to the company.

We have exciting times ahead with the recent launch of our franchise business led by Navaniita Dhar.  We are also planning to launch HCP Social Enterprise in the near future. This will be a not for profit division of the company. We aim to raise funds and awareness for various people in the community who are living without the same advantages as many of us.  Further announcements about this project will follow in the coming weeks.

Meanwhile Happy Birthday to Home Care Preferred and thank you to everyone who has supported us during the last five years.